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Real Estate Investor Support Services.

Equity Track BPO Virtual Assistants remove the most time-consuming administrative tasks from your plate. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, you will have more time to close deals, explore business ventures, and grow your start-up. Not to mention more time to spend with your family.

  • MLS Search
  • Running Comparable to determine ARV (After Repair Value)
  • Look for Property Tax Information
  • Isolate Off Market, Non Pre-foreclosure Liens
  • Generate Documents and Reporting
  • Lead Generation (Find Home Owners’ information)
  • Maintain Calendar
  • Email Management and Organization
  • Prepare Presentation and/or Spreadsheets
  • Social Media Management
  • Create Structure / Workflow / Processes
  • CRM Administration, Updates and Data Entry
  • Make Travel Arrangements
  • Event Planning and Coordination
  • Project Assistance and Coordination
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General Tasks: Administrative & Personal

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Disappearing act, Bad internet, Unreliable electricity, Language Barrier, distractions from family and friends are some of the issues people face when hiring VA's directly. Even programs like Time Doctor cannot see the time spent chatting on a mobile device, nor can they measure the additional time it takes to complete a task, especially when the VA is continually distracted for short periods by someone in the room or a mobile device.We can help.

We hire VA's in our home office and we assign Client Service Managers to avoid language barriers and to ensure 100% productivity.

Not the right VA? No problem.

Concerned that your particular Virtual Assistant isn’t the right fit? No problem. One email to our Support team and you’ve got another great team member ready to go immediately. No uncomfortable conversations and minimal downtime. Plus we already have all of your preferences and history saved and ready to transfer!
Remember, your Virtual Assistant provides you with various administrative support services but is NOT your employee, however, one of Equity Track Virtual Assistant is to you, an independent contractor, who provides services for a monthly fee.
As anyone paying wages to hourly and/or salaried employees are aware, there is a “base” wage and there is an “actual” wage. The cost of providing health insurance rises annually while payroll taxes, FICA, holiday pay, vacation pay, equipment, and training costs can put the squeeze on operating budgets. These taxes, benefits and other additional costs can make the “actual” wage of your worker up to 2 ½ times higher than the “base” wage.
If you think our pricing is higher than some other VA sites you’ve visited, keep this old adage in mind that certainly applies to outsourcing: “You get what you pay for.”
Equity Track BPO Virtual Assistants are not unskilled workers in undeveloped countries. Our VA’s are college-educated, they speak fluent English and come from a rich urban culture. We spend a substantial amount of money screening, hiring and training our virtual assistants to give them a higher skill set to provide solutions to our client’s problems. We give them the best to make them the best.