Equity Track BPO is committed to delivery & accuracy.

We are an exceptional outsourced business services provider through the innovative use of technology, maximizing efficient cost-effective solutions.

We have over 15 years experience.

Equity Track BPO has evolved from a small consultancy firm in 2005 to a full-service administrative / virtual assistant on-demand outsourcing company offering cost-effective, outstanding quality and internationally competitive services. We specialize in providing administrative, accounting and bookkeeping support and various business solutions for professionals, startups and entrepreneurs across the US, Canada, and Australia.

We aim to be a reliable resource when it comes to outsourcing time-consuming tasks through cost-effective, streamlined and tailored fit services that will leverage your business' potential and will pave way to better opportunities for your business.

Our Virtual Assistants provides numerous benefits, such as reducing nonessential employees and their related salaries and expenses and replacing them with a Virtual Assistant who can provide numerous services that would typically require the services of multiple traditional employees. Instead of hiring someone to write letters and enter data, and another to perform basic bookkeeping and researching, all of these features can be given to a single Virtual Assistant, who can be available 24/7, never takes time off, is never sick, and requires no vacation time.

Why choose us?

Unlike other VA service providers, we’ve been doing this since 2005. Also, we have our team of Recruitment Specialists and Client Service Managers who are always ready to assist whenever you need it. We don’t stop at sourcing and hiring VA’s, we are a full-service company with our in-house Human Resources, Training, and Management team.

Our biggest advantage is that we will walk you through the selection and hiring process for FREE! We’re happy to do the work for free. You only pay us once you have decided to hire a VA. This is something that most Virtual Assistant companies are NOT willing to offer.

Key Benefits
• You gain more hours to focus on your priorities
• Save on overhead expenses without sacrificing quality of work
• You acquire skills you don't have
• Virtual Assistants can be available 24/7
• Work/Life balance
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